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A Bit About Us

Sweet Treats from the Funny Farm

Funny Farm Fudge is a family run, licensed home business.  We specialize in homemade fudge in a multitude of flavors, along with brittles, candied nuts, cookie balls, and numerous other deliciously sweet confections.


Our story began in 2016 when we brought home Axel, our beloved Great Dane.  Since then, we have expanded our farm to include over 30 Nigerian Dwarf goats, chickens, potbelly pigs, two miniature donkeys, and a confused steer who believes himself to be a goat.  This is when the moniker, Funny Farm, was born.


We have made fudge and brittle for family and friends for years.  We finally decided to expand and Funny Farm Fudge LLC was formed to share our treats with others.


We at Funny Farm Fudge strive to produce the most delicious fudges and various candies possible.  It is our desire to let everyone have the opportunity to enjoy our homemade delicacies.

Our products are made in a home kitchen and are not inspected by the Department of Health Service or a local health department

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2221 Short Oak Drive, Gladewater TX, 75647


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